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We design and develop exceptional digital tranformation products & services, eCommerce, and brand communication solutions.

Listen, Plan time
& budget

At VAGARY, our web design process is centered around providing a personalized experience for each of our clients. We begin by actively listening to your needs and goals, then we craft a detailed plan that includes a realistic timeline and budget that works for you. Our focus is always on delivering a custom solution that exceeds your expectations and truly represents your brand

Uncover insights,
& Prototype solutions

At VAGARY, we uncover insights and prototype solutions to deliver the best results for your business. We believe in a data-driven approach, where we use qualitative and quantitative research to understand your business better. We then create interactive prototypes to test and validate our ideas, allowing us to iteratively improve until we deliver the optimal solution for your business

Release, Reflect

At VAGARY, we're committed to continuous improvement in all of our projects. After releasing a solution, we reflect on its performance and gather feedback to identify areas for improvement. We use this information to make necessary adjustments and optimize the solution for even better results, ensuring that our clients are always satisfied with the final outcome

Stanford Univeristy
WiDS Conference

A collaboration with one of the world leading universities where we prepared all the web services of the conference in terms of the development of visuals, website, promotion and live streaming.

ORC National 2021

For the second year in a row, we implemented the support of the electronic services, the development of the website and the preparation of the social media marketing plan of the National Greek open sea race that took place in Evia under the auspices of the Evia chamber.

Cadera AR e-shop

Having the honor to work with a group of extremely innovative and ambitious people. We developed the Cadera-ecosystem e-store by applying the Augmented Rality Innovation where the customer can realistically view the product in their pocket and interact with it through their smartphone.

Vagary Innovation
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Vagary Innovation
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Vagary Innovation
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